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Fabian has appreciated chillies since his childhood in Venezuela, Latin America. From 2015 onwards, he worked on and with various hot projects until he turned to the chilli world full time at the beginning of 2019. Among other things, he is dedicated to his own production of chilli sauces in Trier - small batch and made without additives - as well as marketing cooperations with other European "small batch" chilli sauce producers.


Fabian Gabriel Rueda Camargo

Peter was inspired by his girlfriend to eat spicy food. He quickly caught fire and loved the variety of chillies. But in Germany, many chilli varieties were and are rare. So Peter ordered chilli seeds abroad and grew them in his living room and balcony in Berlin. And there were unbelievably delicious varieties. Flavours that hardly anyone knew existed.


Peter Drache

Chilli Plants Assortment

Come with us into our world of breathtaking variety of flavours - with Spicy.

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