Chili Quartet Casicumpendium

A must for every chilli lover: Chilli Quartet with 32 cards and varieties. Limited edition of 500 pieces. Each pack has its own serial number. German Edition.

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The 32 cards show the who's who of chilli varieties with Scoville, growing height, ripening time, fruit length, width and weight. 4 varieties per species of Capsicum annuum, baccatum, chinense, frutescens and pubescens. Varieties without and with pungency. Among the varieties you will find such well-known varieties as the Carolina Reaper, Charapita, Tabasco, Aji Amarillo and more beautiful chilli varieties.

Spicyness: Not sharpLight spicyMedium SharpSpicyVery sharpExtremely Hot
Content: 1,00 Piece
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