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Bird´s Eye Chili-Seeds 10 Pcs.

The Bird's Eye Chili, also called Red Thai Chili, is a Capsicum annuum variety. The pods, with between 50,000 and 100,000 SHU, are very hot. The fruits are green at first and then ripen to a bright red colour. They can be eaten at all stages of ripeness and also taste different depending on the degree of ripeness: the red, ripe chilli peppers taste rather fruity and sweet, while the green ones are more bitter and grassy.

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Spicyness: Very sharp
Heat level: Heat level 9
SHU: 50.000 - 90.000
Content: 10,00 Piece
Scoville: ca. 75.000
Type de chili: Capsicum frutescens
EU Plant Breeders Passport: ES 17032148
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