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Bolivian Rainbow Chili-Seeds 10 Pcs.

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The Bolivian Rainbow is a Capsicum annuum species and has been cultivated in Bolivia for centuries. The pods ripen from purple to yellow, orange to red, with all stages ripening at the same time on the plant. They are small, about 1.5 cm, conical and grow upright on the plant.

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The fruits are very spicy and go well in salads, sauces, but can also be dried. They reach a Scoville value of approx. 30,000 SHU. The plants reach a height of approx. 30-55 cm, so they are also very suitable as decorative pot plants on the windowsill.

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Spicyness: Medium Sharp
Heat level: Heat level 6
SHU: 10.000 - 30.000
Content: 10,00 Piece
Scoville: around 30.000
Type de chili: Capsicum annuum
Color: multicolor
EU Plant Breeders Passport: ES 17032149
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