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Fabric pot set for chili plants

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Start your chili growing adventure with our exclusive starter set - perfect for beginners!

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-5 x fabric pots with 1 liter volume
-5 x fabric pots with a volume of 3 liters
-5 x fabric pots with a volume of 6 liters
-5 x fabric pots with a volume of 9 liters

to get to know the advantages of the fabric pots.

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On our website you will also find all the information you need to grow these chili plants at home - not only to harvest tasty chili fruits, but also to grow beautiful decorative plants.

These pots promote the growth of strong roots and ensure healthy plants. Start your chili cultivation with this ideal starter set and enjoy the fascinating experience of growing your own chilies!

Fabric pots with Velcro for growing chilies.
-Holds up in windy conditions, prevents them from falling over
-Extra robust inner membrane, specially designed for outdoor use
-Reduces the risk of overwatering; oxygen circulation is maintained.
-Integrated Velcro fastener for easy removal and root control.
-Allows easy identification of root problems and optimum repotting time.
-If heavily soiled, the pots can be machine washed at 30 degrees (without fabric softener)

-Pot: Made of breathable polyester fleece, inside with slightly hydrophobic membrane.
-Zipper: Robust plastic teeth and metal slider.


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