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Chili Plants Pot Size


Plant size

In Chilis the size of the plant depends on the place of the roots. If the pot is too small, with little soil, limit the potential of your chilli unnecessarily. The difference is huge with many varieties. If you don’t have much space, you’ll have to find a compromise. You can help the plants grow by re potting them regularly.

It is practical to control the plants more often and to re pot them during the season if necessary. This can be done four times a year. In 3 – 5 cm larger pots. Fill the space between the pots with fresh tomato earth or a compost mixture. It is best to re pot only during the growth phase. Not in autumn or winter.

However, it is better to choose a high plant container size when replanting for the first time and prick it. The plants notice when they have little space and can never grow huge in it. As a result, the chilli forms flowers and fruits early on. But only a few of them. These should serve the propagation. With sufficient pot size, the chili develops larger, stronger and produces vast quantities of magnificent chillies.

Pot size

Which pot size is right for most peppers and chili varieties? The answer is relatively simple: 10 liters. Bhut Jolokia, Habaneros, Tabasco chili plants grow much faster with sufficient root space.

Exceptions are of course ornamental peppers and small chillies, such as the Aurora variety. This is already fully grown at about 20 cm. A 10 cm pot should be sufficient for mini chili varieties. Pots with a diameter of 27 cm have a volume of about 10 liters. A 12 cm flower pot has a volume of slightly more than 1 liter, depending on its height.

High tubs

Choose the tallest buckets possible. The chilli root grows relatively narrow into the depth. If the root ends meet resistance, it can restrict growth. A sign to adjust to the production of some fruits, which should ensure survival.

Which size of pots you choose for chili plants is therefore immensely important. It determines how the plants develop and what is harvested. With the same care, age, fertilizer, soil and watering behavior, a plant in a 15 cm pot may reach a height of 50 cm. With the 28 cm flower pot approx. 1.5 meters.

Bucket for Chilis

Any plastic or clay pot in which you can fill earth is suitable as a pot for chillies. A hole in the bottom must ensure the drainage of excess water. In garden centers or online shops you have plenty of choice. In tile layers, construction companies and canteen kitchens you sometimes get 10 – 15 liter buckets even for free. You can drill the holes or stew them with a hot metal.